Evidence of Healthy Response of Arteries with Whole Foods


Dear Dr. Kahn,  

My Dad had two stents placed in his arteries, because scarring had occurred on a previous stent, causing another blockage. He has been following a plant based diet ever since and he wants to be sure he is doing everything he can to prevent a scarring blockage from recurring.                

- RU


Dear RU,

You may be referring to a rare process called restenosis after stents are placed. It means that tissue has grown back into the stent through small slots in the stents, and can re-narrow the artery.  While there is no data that I have seen showing diet prevents restenosis, the newer stents are drug coated and rarely re-narrow. To help prevent narrowing arteries elsewhere in the body however, there is a growing mountain of evidence that the rest of his arteries will likely respond to a whole food plant based diet (with no added oils, as in the Esselstyn style plant based diet).  

Joel Kahn MD


Jeremy GlogowerComment