Carrageenan, is it safe?


Hello, My question is about Almond Milk that has carrageenan as an additive. I was reading the ingredients on a container of Almond Milk recently and one of the ingredients is carrageenan. I have heard carrageenan is bad for you and it could even be carcinogenic. I looked up some research and see several papers agree that carrageenan could be risky to consume. I try to avoid carrageenan. I only buy products without it (including pet food). What are your thoughts on this?


I searched and there is no new data.  Almond milk with carrageenan is a better choice than cow's milk unless you have GI issues.  Of course if you find a brand without it, even better. For my family, I have decided to purchase products that are free of carrageenan in order to avoid even a remote chance that they're pro-inflammatory and raise blood sugar.  

Joel Kahn MD