My husband and I had a proactive cardiovascular wellness check up through our local hospital. He was diagnosed with Metabolic syndrome, Obesity, and Hypertension.  I have pre-Hypertension, and my Lipoprotein A is 125.  We then chose to start an Ornish-style plant-based diet, but were actually advised to eat meat,and eliminate grains and sugar, being told "Carbohydrates are your problem."  That just sounds like a backdoor to the Atkins diet.  Help us unravel contradictory info so we can follow a well-planned diet!


My approach, as the only certified heart attack prevention MD in Michigan, is to clearly define the disease in the arteries via CT screening imaging of the heart, and carotid ImT ultrasound.  Then a hunt for inflammation, insulin resistance and other root causes is pursued. A diet without animal products that is low in oil and added sugars is the only proven diet to reverse disease. 

Joel Kahn MD