Your computer locks up…your smart phone freezes. What do you do? Simply reboot. You do not waste time agonizing over why this happened, you just reboot your device and keep going. So why waste time beating yourself up when you eat something that is not plant perfect? Does one bite of unhealthy food send you down the path of a week-long binge? STOP! REBOOT!

To get yourself moving forward again if you’ve gotten stuck along the way – all you need to do is increase the amount of vegetables, whole grains, beans and starchy vegetables you are eating. Start where you are, and increase the amounts of whole plant foods on your plate. The priority should be enjoying what you eat and increasing your consumption of whole plant foods while crowding out everything else.

With every bite you take you are moving yourself closer toward health or disease. Do not hesitate to make that next bite something that brings you closer to optimum health!