Never Leave Home Without it!

“Never leave Home Without It!” This slogan, used by a major credit card company, carries a significant message of insurance and protection. Let’s utilize this phrase as a mantra for plant-based living. Before becoming plant-based I never thought about packing extra food when I left the house. I could always stop at one of the many fast food restaurants or party stores and quell my hunger pangs. Now, I realize that those places do not sell real food. They sell “food like substances” that I do not consider as fuel for my now healthy body.

So what to do? I never leave home without my Plant Energy Pack (PEP). The contents of my PEP may vary from day to day. A good rule of thumb is to always pack more than you need. I once left home at 6:45 a.m. for a day of teaching and received a call to work as a dental hygienist immediately following my school day. My original 8-hour day turned into a 15-hour day, and I was thrilled to be able to keep my energy levels up with healthy plant-based food.

These are a few items that I consider necessities for my PEP.

* 12 – 16 oz. thermos for hot or cold drinks.

* 16 – 20 oz. soup thermos. This is not only for soup but casseroles, baked potatoes, etc.

* Small cooler with a freezer pack

Here is an example of what I have with me on an average day.

* Thermos of herbal tea

* Bottle of water

* Thermos of coffee

* Thermos of soup

* An assortment of carrot and celery sticks, hummus, grapes, apple, banana

* 1 oz. of walnuts

Remember that I do not have to eat all of this, but you can never go wrong by being prepared. Never leave home without it!