MINSET - Is Yours Positive?

Help stick with your exercise and nutrition program by recognizing your Mindset.  

Sometimes our beliefs about ourselves or others can guide our behaviors and how we view the world around us. Think about how differently people see the world around them and the ways they respond to frustrations that arise while trying to achieve fitness and weight goals.

But is it possible to change our minds and confront negative thoughts, replacing them with more accurate and logical thoughts?  David Burns, author of Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy (Harper Collins 2012), researched some common negative thoughts or distortions that can affect a person's ability to stick with an exercise program.  Do any of these sound familiar?

  • All-or-nothing thinking:  "If I can't do all of the reps in the set, I'm not cut out to exercise."
  • Over-generalization:  "Since I couldn't get the lunges right today, I'll never be good at them." 
  • Mental Filtering:  Dwelling on negatives while ignoring the positives.
  • Jumping to conclusions:  Thinking you will fail at the type of exercise an instructor may want you to do.
  • Criticizing yourself with shoulds or shouldnt's, musts, and have-tos.
  • Identifying with your perceived shortcomings and labeling yourself with a negative name.

You may be able to unlock barriers to behavioral change and help yourself to achieve better well-being.  Mindset is about a person's belief that he or she has the capacity to create positive change.  It is about the change and the belief that they can create their success.

Mindsets can be labeled as Fixed vs. Growth.  A person with a growth mindset believes that conditions can change and people can improve themselves.  A person with a fixed mindset sees the world as unchangeable.  They can learn to make small gradual changes, helping them believe they can control their life by realizing that they are in charge.  

So think about your mindset regarding exercise and health. Is it a Fixed or a Growth mindset? If it's Fixed, start to make gradual changes to believe in yourself and integrate mind and body to become healthy and fit.  


Shelley Rubinstein
Fitness Director