Don’t let the Holiday Season derail your fitness routine. It is easy to drop your workout at the gym or cancel your training session when your calendar starts to fill up with shopping, cooking and social gatherings. Maintaining your fitness routine will keep stress minimized and help keep extra pounds OFF.

Stay focused and on track with these easy ideas:

What will keep you coming back to the gym? Changing your routine could do the trick. New exercises with a different focus will challenge your body and make you feel energized and looking forward to your next workout.

If you primarily do cardio training, learn exercises that improve core strength, which will keep your abdominal and back muscles strong. Be sure to ask a fitness professional for help. If strength training is lacking in your familiar routine, ask for help to learn how to properly use the weight machines or dumbbells. A MUST for everyone, especially this time of year, are range of motion and flexibility work to keep your body stress-free and your mind relaxed and focused. A yoga class or restorative based class with some meditation will help reduce holiday stress.

Maybe you can find a partner to join you and learn some fun partner drills.

SO – what are you waiting for? An invitation?

Consider yourself INVITED! My fitness does NOT take a vacation - I make it an important part of my day.

Happy Holidays!!

Shelley Rubinstein, Fitness Coordinator