Question: How can I stay motivated to exercise regularly?


There are many methods to stay motivated and be successful in your exercise program. Here are a few I've found to be helpful:   

  1. Start slowly - both with the number of different exercises you do and the length of time you spend at each session.  
  2. Use visualization - Visualize yourself completing a great workout. 
  3. Schedule! - Make a regular appointment with yourself. 
  4. Set realistic goals - Believe in yourself! 
  5. Forgive yourself - Don't feel guilty when you miss a session or two.  Do exercises that you enjoy. 
  6. Keep eating nutritious, healthy foods - Plan healthy meals and snacks to avoid poor nutritional choices.  Tell yourself and others how good you feel when you exercise and eat healthy. 
  7. Buddy up - Exercise with a friend or friends. 
  8. Loosen up  - Be flexible with your program. 
  9. Kick out the jams - Listening to inspiring music while exercising can make your time more enjoyable. 
  10. Find incentives - Reward yourself with incentives for accomplishing your goals. 


Jeremy GlogowerComment