Answer: This is a great question! Maintaining good balance in one's life both mentally and physically is important. I will address the physical. Balance is the ability to maintain the body's position over the base of support (stance) whether the base is stationary or moving. When there is even distribution of weight over the base of support, stability is produced. Postural alignment involves the position of the head, torso, hips and lower extremities to support the body in an upright position. Correct postural alignment is characterized by ears over shoulders, shoulders over hips, chin level, back of the neck long, chest lifted from the sternum, knees relaxed, and abdomen pulled in. The pelvis rests over the hip joints and there is a slight "normal" amount of curse in the spine.  Keeping your core (abdominal and back muscles) strong will aid in good balance.  You can practice your alignment in front of a mirror and with a buddy.