Answer:  Your shoes are an important part of your physical activity routine.  You are going to be wearing them a lot.  Keep these pointers in mind when shopping;  choose shoes that are made for the type of physical activity you want to do (walking, running, tennis, etc.)  Look for shoes with non-skid soles, good heel support, enough room for your toes, and a well cushioned arch.  Make sure your shoes fit well and provide proper support for your feet.  Ask for help from a sales professional.  If you have diabetes or arthritis this is especially important.  Shoes should feel comfortable right from the start.  Think of your shoes as safety equipment for your feet.  Check them regularly and replace them when they are worn out.  Signs of needing new shoes could be noticing the tread on the bottom is worn down, your feet feel tired after activity or your shins, knees or hips hurt after activity.