Hello Everyone

We will again be meeting Wednesday, April 19th at 7:00pm at our home. We will be showing the documentary, "Eating You Alive", and if you are very new to this whole thing, or are a seasoned vet, you will love this very informative film about why we eat the way we do. The reason we are showing this is because at our last meeting, everyone expressed an interest in seeing it, and the DVD finally arrived last week (after I pre-ordered it a couple of months ago).

I will be making a Lentil, Potato Soup in the Instant Pot, which is turning out to be Connie and my favorite soup, of late. There will undoubtedly be many other recipes that will be presented at this gathering, since our meeting has almost turned into a guilt-free pot luck every month (and we love not having to plan and worry about what might be in one meal or recipe, before we eat it, since all offerings are plant-based, whole food and oil-free).

Please know that you don't ever have to bring anything but yourselves to our monthly home group. This is not a traditional pot luck, but many of our members love to share a favorite recipe with the group, and we always have more than enough to fill us up with nutritious, delicious food; and the recipes for how you too, can make it for yourselves!

This is also an open meeting, so feel free to always invite anyone who might have an interest in eating healthy and possibly reversing or preventing heart disease, cancers, diabetes and other ailments and digestive issues.

We would love to have you join us!  If you are not currently a member of this small group, but would like to attend this event or future small group events, please notify our small groups coordinator.  We will be happy to contact you with the location and add you to our small groups invites list.