Dinner with the Esselstyns – Chardon, OH

Wrapping Your Head, Heart and Hands Around Plant-based Eating at The Knob, a private residence Chardon, Ohio.

Have dinner with Dr. Esselstyn and Ann Esselstyn at this intimate event! This experience is designed for those individuals who seek a more intimate setting in which to hear the message, collaborate with others on transitional solutions, and learn “how to” from the experts.

This event, a partnership of Health Care is Self Care with Jane Esselstyn RN and Plant-Based Institute, offers a collaborative, hands-on learning experiences focused on all aspects of the transition to plant-based nutrition: Head (knowledge), Heart (motivation and soul), and Hands (how to).

Our goal is to give you the information, confidence, and skills to create delicious, plant-based food for your family, loved ones, and community. What’s more, the seminar will take place at The Knob, a beautiful, wooded, private property in Lake County near Chardon, OH.