Plant Based Institute and Health Care is Self Care with Jane Esselstyn RN

Chardon, Ohio

This event is currently sold out! If you are interested in attending a future Plant Based Institute event, please visit their event page by clicking the button below.

Health Care is Self Care is proud to announce the launching of Plant-Based Institute! PBI will offer seminars that will be collaborative, hands-on learning experiences focusing on all aspects of the transition to plant-based nutrition: Head (knowledge), Heart (motivation and soul), and Hands (how to).

We are thrilled to announce Saturday, June 25, 2016, 9:30am-5:30pm as the first day-long seminar:
Wrapping Our Heads, Hearts, and Hands Around Plant-Based Eating!

This experience is designed for those individuals who seek a more intimate setting in which to hear the message, collaborate with others on transitional solutions, and learn "how to" from the experts. 

The Plant Based Institute's goal is to give you the information, confidence, and skills to create delicious, plant-based food for your family, loved ones, and community. What's more, the seminar will take place at The Knob, a beautiful, wooded, private property in Lake County near Chardon, OH.
The focus will be on three key areas:
1. Plant-based nutrition's role in disease prevention and reversal.
2. Navigating the hurdles and challenges of eating plant-based and helping loved-ones do the same.
3. How to make easy, delicious, appetizing, and enjoyable plant-based food!


The Knob
8400 Hermitage Road
Chardon, OH 44024