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July 29th: Dr. Kahn, Oil & Arteries Don't Mix - Dr. Thompson, Wellness Dentistry

  • Groves High School 20500 W 13 Mile Rd Franklin, MI, 48025 United States (map)

"Oil and Arteries Don't Mix"

Our own Dr. Kahn will start the evening by discussing all of the reasons why oil and arteries don't mix. Learn the physiological processes behind arterial damage related to oil consumption so you can determine whether there is such a thing as a 'heart-healthy' oil. Knowledge is power, and additionally, Dr. Kahn will definitely keep you entertained while you learn. Learn more about Dr. Kahn.

“Wellness Dentistry: The Dentist’s Role in Whole Body Health”

Dentistry is no longer just about repairing and cleaning teeth.  Dentists today that have the proper training can detect many risk factors and symptoms of systemic disease based on the conditions of the mouth.

Dr. Thompson will outline the significant areas of dental evaluation and what may be uncovered be each.  In addition to being an advocate for great dental health, he will also reveal why your dentist may recommend a plant based diet