Will my blood glucose numbers decrease as I lose weight?

Dear Dr. Trapp,

My doctor has me on Metformin for now. I was wondering if my blood glucose numbers go down more when I lose more weight?  

- Debbie

Hi Debbie,

As you continue a pattern of healthful eating and more activity, you are likely to see the morning readings drop. Try to be patient and not be so overly fixated on that number or on weight. 

Behaviors and habits are more important than any single number or a specific reading on the scale. Focus on getting enough of the right foods and getting more physical activity, every day. Find and stick with healthy meals and activities you enjoy. Everything else will follow. 

Dr. Greger's Daily Dozen app ( can be very helpful in keeping you focused on the key behaviors, not the numbers. 

Make sure you take Vitamin B12 with a WFPB diet and with metformin to prevent deficiency. 

Applause to you - you are well on your way to turning diabetes around and preventing other medical issues!

Kind Regards,
Dr. Caroline Trapp, DNP, CDE