This I Know For Sure

Diabetes. What did you think when you were first told you were at risk for this disease? Or were told that you had it? Many think about family members or friends, who are consumed with balancing food and insulin, or who carry a meter and prick their fingers to monitor their blood sugar, or who struggle to afford their medications. Or they think of those they know who have suffered the complications of diabetes. And of course, everyone worries about how diabetes will impact their own life.
Diabetes can be an awful disease. But those who are involved in the Plant Based Nutrition Support Group know that it does not have to be. We know that there is reason for hope. A diagnosis of diabetes, or pre-diabetes, might be a wake-up call to get educated, and adopt some new habits. Members of this group learn to put taking care of our health before everything else. The group provides support in many forms. Through this group, you will meet people who will inspire you, and help lead the way.  
Hopefully, the first thoughts you had about diabetes will be replaced with optimism, as you learn that there is so much that you can do to turn diabetes around.  And I don't mean that you can "Ask your doctor if ___________ is right for you." Type 2 diabetes is not caused by a deficiency of an ingredient in any pill! 
I'm grateful to have a role in this group. As a nurse practitioner who has worked with people with diabetes for many years, I'm now happy to encourage my patients to get active in the growing PBNSG community. Its an easy and affordable way to access up-to-date and accurate information, and hopefully, to require less medical care. 

In addition to the great resources at WWW.PBNSG.ORG, if you'd like to listen to discussions with many diabetes experts, all of whom prescribe lifestyle for diabetes prevention and treatment, please check out an exciting new resource at The series begins on Sept. 9th, and there is no cost for the introductory lectures. Speakers include Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Michael Greger, Brenda Davis, RD, Marty Davy, RD, Dr. Wes Youngberg, and others. I'm honored to be included, and hope you'll find it useful.
What I know for sure is that diabetes a treatable condition. I know that the PBNSG is an incredible resource for people living in southeastern Michigan, or for anyone who takes the time to explore the website. I know that you don't have to feel alone  - a friendly and helpful community exists.